Best Spots to Go Camping and Kayaking in the Lone Star State

With many things to do in various parts of Texas, an all-time favorite is camping, kayaking, and tubing. For visitors and tourists, it may be difficult to locate the best places to partake in these breathtaking activities, which is why we created this list. These are, according to locals in Texas, the absolute best spots to go camping, kayaking, and do other fun outdoor activities while you’re on vacation.

Texas Kayak Adventures

A six-hour kayaking tour of Galveston Bay took up the third spot on USA Today‘s list. It’s detailed, affordable, and open at the most convenient times. You also get to explore a privately-funded nature preserve. This trip is a memorable experience that won’t take up your entire weekend and will leave you speechless at the beauty of nature. You will learn tons of information on the bodies of water connected and run all throughout the entire heart of Texas.

Caprock Canyons State Park

TWP Magazine says that this state park offers over 100 campsites that allow you to choose between a primitive site or a campsite with all the hookups and gadgets. All of this comes at a very lenient price. With the background this state park has, you can relax and take in the view and the vibe, or you can go fishing, swimming, and even hiking.

Medina River

The Medina River is a special place to go kayaking and unwind at the same time. Away from social gatherings and in the heart of nature, claims that this route is undeniably private since it doesn’t attract large crowds of people.

Lost Maples State Natural Area (RV)

This state park has lots of campsites for an RV, but you can still enjoy the colorful environment and lakes, such as the ones mentioned on the Beyond The Tent website, the Sabinal River being one of them. It’s great for hiking, too and is much smaller in comparison to other campground sites.

Oxford Ranch Campground (Tent)

Conveniently assembled with a picnic table, a fire pit, and restrooms close by, the Oxford Ranch Campground use is best for campers who prefer the tent life. Often not crowded, you can have as much privacy as you need since there aren’t very many people. This campground also has extremely affordable prices, as well. It is 130 acres of pure beauty for you to take in on your trip. You can read more about it here.

Lady Bird Lake Trail

Located in the center of Austin, this trail allows you to hike, bike, run, and whitewater kayaking. You can bring your dogs(s) if you have any, but according to, you must keep them on a leash. This trail ranges roughly 4.4 miles and sticks closely nearby the lake the entire time.

Colorado River

I saved the best for last. The 18th longest river in the US, the Colorado River is ideal for those kayaking for their first time, as there are no rogue waves, tides, or overly huge waterfalls. Mentioned in a moving company’s blog post on 11 Ways to Cool Off in Texas, kayak camping on the Colorado River is a unique experience you won’t forget. Be sure to also check out this moving company’s tips for moving with your kayak. Bring your kayak and camp on an island in the middle of the river, or go with a group from the Bastrop River Company. Kayaking the Colorado is a must-do for any Texan!

Which ones will you add to your list while you’re on vacation? These are just a handful of the many incredible places to visit for outdoor activities in Texas. There are plenty more for those who want to return and explore even more.

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